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City ot Los Angeles Mail - Your email to Councilmember Bonin 

Debbie DynerHarris <> 

Your email to Councilmember Bonin 

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Debbie DynerHarris <> Thu, Jul 28, 2016 at 12:26 PM 


Bcc: Mike Bonin <> 

Hello Ms. Okulick. Thank you for your letter to Councilmember Bonin regarding the proposed Venice BID. 

I have been handling this issue for the Councilmember, and I would be happy to speak with you about your questions and 

Please let me know a good time to speak, and what the best number for you is. 

Thank you very much, 


Is there have some time 

“Dear Mike, I am a long time Venice Resident and have owned property in Venice for 35 years . I 
would love to meet with you to discuss the BID that is coming up for vote in August. This BID was 
put together in secret. I found out about only a few weeks ago. Upon reading the proposal it is 
clear that the people that put this plan together have not had any input from the people that will 
pay the tax and the community. I am respectfully asking for a delay in the vote so that there can be 
a dialogue with the community. Please know that the burden of paying for this needs to be a 
democratic process . This property tax accessment will raise my property taxes more then 40% 
and is a huge financial burden. I live in a residence that should not be included in the map of 
properties. I beg you to please reschedule the vote for a later time so that I may speak with you in 
person and you can meet with concerned residents. We feel our voice is not being heard, Thank 
you so much. Kindest regards, Marlene Okulick 

Debbie Dyner Harris 

District Director 

Councilmember Mike Bonin 

City of Los Angeles 

310-575-8461 | www. 1 1 

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Marlene Okulick Fri, Jul 29, 2016 at 4:16 PM 

To: Debbie DynerHarris <debbie.>, Marlene Okulick 

Hello Debbie, 

I appreciate you emailing me and wanting to discuss the BID that is being proposed for Venice. My husband John 
Okulick and myself have been a resident and property owner in Venice for over 35 years. We are on the comer of 
Sunset Ave and Hampton Drive ( across the street from Google and Golds Gym) 

We have been directly impacted by Google taking over Hampton Drive between Sunset and Rose Avenue. Google has 
done a great job in putting up tall privacy fences and security cameras sourrounding their "campus". We all know to 
keep out. The homeless have since moved a few blocks away. What has Google given back to our community? 


Google has built a wall around themselves not looking beyond their tall fences. They need to help and participate in 
making Venice a safe community. They and Snap Chat received an 80% tax exemption for coming here. This is 
infuriating to all of us. Shouldn't they, Snap Chat and the other Tech companies pay back to the community they are 
taking over. 

The tech companies moved to Venice because it is an iconic beach community. We do not need more banners Venice 
is already a huge California destination with the Venice Boardwalk and Venice Canals. 

The most recent development is that the homeless have disappeared from Sunset Avenue and most of 3rd Street. It 
appears that someone or group have made life difficult for them. I see that many have now moved to Rose Avenue 
between 3rd and 4th St. This movement will continue as the homeless are forced to move out of the BID ZONE to new 
residential and commercial streets nearby. We need all of Venice to be protected, not just a few blocks that were 
chosen arbitrararily. 

This BID doe not solve the homeless and crime problems in Venice !!! I repeat, we pay our taxes and demand the city 
to provide us with the services that we so desperately need and are already paying for . 

Property values have gone up over 1000% since we have lived here. Where has the additional revenue from property 
and business taxes gone? We do not need a private commercial security company with untrained people to harass the 
mentally impaired and homeless. 

We take tremendous pride in our property and feel fortunate to be able own property in Venice. We saved and borrowed 
to be able to make this purchase 35 years ago . We keep our sidewalk clean and comer free of grafitti. 

We are outraged to receive this BID proposal that is assessing our property taxes an additional 

$ 5,000. a year for 5 years, with a 5 % increase every year for services that the City of LA should already provide. This 
is a property tax increase of over 50% is a huge financial burden for something that we do not need and do not have a 
say in. 

There are many issues and questions in the way this secret BID was put together. There was no community input from 
the people being taxed and the arbitrary and zones are unfair. 

Why isn't Abbott Kinney Blvd, all of Rose Avenue to the beach and Lincoln Blvd included? Why isn't the entire city 
included? Why is the BID not Merchant Based? These are big questions that need to be addressed. 

20 years ago our fabulous Congresswoman, Ruth Gallanter was instrumental in implimenting an "ARTIST IN 
RESIDENCE" zone throughout Venice. This allowed all of the artists to live in the studio's that they worked in if ,you 
went through the exhaustive and complicated process of rezoning. 

My husband, John and myself spent to a huge amount of effort, time and money rezoning our property as ARTIST IN 
RESIDENCE. We were required to notify all of our neighbors of this plan. There was a formal proposal and hearing. We 
jumped through hoops, paid thousands of dollars to the city to have the benefit of this residential zoning . Now it 
seems you want to get ride of all of the Artists in Residence. We should be excluded from this BID! 

Police has already pushed the homeless off of the boardwalk and into residential streets. This movement will continue 
into new locations , outside the "ZONES” as the"Security Force" exerts their pressure. As per the proposal , 73% of the 
money will go towards foot security patrols and grafitti removal. This is a joke. It is clear that 73% will go towards a 2/4 


City of Los Angeles Mail - Your email to Councilmember Bonin 

private police force. 

This will not solve the solve the crime and homeless problem in Venice . We need a comprehensive social services 
plan for these people that desperately need help and can not speak for themselves. Policing and intimidation is not the 

In reality we are expected to pay for the cleaning up of the boardwalk. Why will different address's pay less and get less 
services? What happened to Democracy? To me this is a taxation with out the communities representation. 

There needs to be new redistricting of the zoning and transparency in the process. There needs to be community 
discussion and input. 

The new " Security Force" for Venice has the strong possibility of becoming a vigalante enforcement group. Will they 
have Mace and Batons to injure people for loitering on the street? How will they be trained? Wont this push the 
homeless on to other streets and residential neighborhoods nearby? Probably . 

We are also having a hard time understanding why Google, Snap Chat and all of the large tech companies that are now 
renting or owning property in Venice, do they not pay the bulk of this tax. 

I understand that Google received a huge 80% tax break to bring their business into our city. They have brought their 
workers, their traffic and their business to our special city. I do not understand why they are excluded form this BID. 
They can afford the pay for this as they will reap benefit. 

We feel like we are being singled out and forced out of Venice so that our properties can be sold to the large tech 
companies moving in. We can not afford the new tax. It is a huge burden. 

Another problem is that the City of LA has 25% of the vote in approving the BID . I understand that BID'S are for the 
private property owners, not the City to ACCESS THEMSELVES, to implement special services that the City does not 

The city should not have a vote! The City is obligated to provide these services already. We do get our streets cleaned 
and trash picked up. We already pay for this. 

The city's vote is based on open spaces that are public, not used by the city. I do not think that the City should have the 
majority vote in making this decision . The city does not have a vested interest. It is the residents of this wonderful city 
that do and will be affected. They all need to vote. 

Please do not this letter fall on deaf ears. 

Please share this letter with Mr. Bonin and everyone with the City Council. 

PLEASE DELAY THIS VOTE. All residents need to vote. This BID is greatly flawed, secretive and undemocratic. 
PLEASE VOTE NO!!!!!! I am happy to talk with you anytime . I can be reached at 310-890-4498 
Thank you very much. 

Sincerely, Marlene Okulick 

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Marlene Okulick 
Sotheby's International Realty 
Pacific Palisades, CA 

Marlene Okulicl Wed > Au 9 3 . 2016 at 3:56 PM 

To: Debbie DynerHarris <debbie.> 

https ://m ail. query &th=15632t90b48c8a47&siml=15632f90b48c8a47&siml-15638... 3/4 

B/4/2U1 b 

uiiy ot los Angeies Man - Your email to LOunciimemDer tionin 

Hi Debbie, I would love to talk with you regarding the Venice BID. I just left you a message to call me a message for 
you to call me home. My Cell is 

I look forward to talking with you soon. . 

Kindest regards, Marlene Okulick 

On Thu, Jul 28, 2016 at 12:26 PM, Debbie DynerHarris <> wrote: 

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Marlene Okulick 
Sotheby's International Realty 
Pacific Palisades, CA 

Debbie DynerHarris <debbie.dvnei+iarris(5)> Wed, Aug 3, 2016 at 5:11 PM 

To: Marlene Okulick 

calling now! 

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